Barber shop Carioca

The variety of blades and razors that currently exist on the market has made it easier to shave in the comfort of home and has removed many people from traditional barber shops. But there was a time when going to the neighborhood barber was a male ritual and the barbershop was a craft passed from father to son. Barbearia Carioca seeks to rescue what used to be a male routine, to rescue the tradition of the space reserved only for men. A place where you can trust the talent of the barber who will provide a shave and a careful cut, neat and modern. Our barbershop works with the best products and with the most competent professionals so that men, children and grandchildren spend pleasant and relaxing hours in a barber chair in a ritual that has not died. The beautiful cast iron chairs that have been restored to the lounge in a retro style, the friendly and elegant atmosphere, the razor and the warm towel all in the Barber Shop Carioca refers to the classic. Between a trimmed beard and a haircut, our barbershop offers what all changes and advances cannot replace: excellence and a good conversation with a cold beer. Barbearia Carioca is not a fad, it is tradition.